Joe's At The Bar

the story behind the song

Joe's At The BarDanny Perdieu
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Danny Perdieu wrote the song “Joe’s at the Bar” while visiting Gloucester, Massachusetts on tour. While they waited for their hotel rooms to be ready, Danny and his merchandise manager, Hunter Wells, were greeted by a stranger from the establishment’s bar across from them.

“I remember this guy sitting alone and mumbling to himself just moments before he said ‘Hello’to us,” said Danny. “Our new friend “Joe” began telling us the story of his life, starting with his time as an attorney living in Louisiana. He told me about the hell of passing his bar exam. He told me how he met and married a beautiful woman named Marie. He told me about the joyous day when his daughter was born. His world was ‘perfect,’ but he shook his head with a sigh as he rambled.

“Joe said his family loved to go to the islands for vacation. Joe talked about the ‘accident’ coming home from one of those vacations. One that changed his life forever. He went quiet after that.

“Not another word was spoken until he pulled on his ragged coat and said, ‘You know, I really didn’t start living again until I learned how to forgive.’ I told Joe that I was going to write a song about the biggest story of forgiveness I had ever heard. He said,‘Now, why would you want to do that?’ I said that his story might save someone else’s life one day. He smiled, turned, and walked away. ‘Maybe, Dan. Maybe.’

“This song is dedicated to that man, my friend, Joe. God Bless you.”